Teeth Whitening

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Lets’ make your smile brighter

Teeth whitening is a common procedure that improves the look of your teeth and their overall appearance. It is an effective way of lightening the colour of teeth as well as removing discolouration and stains. The method involves bleaching teeth to lighten the present colour by several shades. You will achieve the best results after you had professional oral hygiene done before the whitening procedure. However, you may need to repeat the treatment several times to achieve the desired colour. Brightening your smile is easy. Visit our dental clinic for a consultation on which procedure is best for you. Common reasons for yellow or stained teeth

Common reasons for yellow or stained teeth

  1. Ageing

  2. Use of tobacco

  3. Drinking alcohol

  4. Certain medicines like antibiotics, excessive fluoride

  5. Old dental fillings

  6. Poor and inadequate oral health and hygiene


Our cosmetic dental treatments can help repair and transform the smile. We can also help patients with white fillings this will enhance the appearance of your smile at iCare Dental, with tooth coloured fillings that are safe, affordable and virtually unnoticeable. Tooth cavities are extremely common and most people will need a filling at some point in their lives. Dentists have generally used silver amalgam fillings in the past, though these can be unattractive and easily visible when a person laughs or smiles.