Comprehensive Filling Services

Tooth fillings are used to repair a cavity in your tooth caused by decay. It is important to treat cavities as soon as possible before they advance and require more specialist treatment, such as root canal.  Composite bonding or cosmetic bonding is a procedure where the dentist adds a special colored resin to your teeth to improve their appearance.

Without treatment, a cavity or chipped tooth can lead to toothache, bad breath, infection, and even the fracturing or loss of your tooth. Your dentist will offer you the type of filling they consider clinically necessary.

How do you know if you need a dental filling?

People of all ages, even young children, may need a tooth filling. Perhaps you have a nagging toothache, sudden pain when you bite down, or sensitivity to hot and cold. You may even have noticed a cavity, or food getting caught in a damaged tooth.

Composite Fillings to Keep Your Smile White

Fillings are sometimes a necessary evil, but many of us worry about how they look. You might be glad to know that fillings don’t have to be silver; you can actually have a discreet white one to get your tooth strong and keep your pearly whites, well, white!

What are composite fillings?

So, you might be used to those silver amalgam fillings that look so obvious when you smile. They are very strong and do their job, but sadly they’re not hard to spot and many people don’t like the way they look.
Composite fillings work in exactly the same way but are invisible. They’re made from dental composite and resins in a much cleaner white color. Your dentist will even be able to match the shade of your filling to your natural tooth color, so it won’t stand out at all.
White fillings are meant to make decayed or damaged teeth strong again, without hurting your appearance. Before your filling, the dentist will numb the area with an anesthetic. Then they’ll chuck out any decayed tissue and scrub your tooth clean. Next, they’ll layer the composite filling to seal the cavity.


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