Children's Dentist in Canning Town, London

Child at the Dentist
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Children's Dentists in Canning Town, London believe caring for your child’s oral health from an early age is important.

If you’re looking for Children's Dentists in Canning Town, London, iCare Children's Dental Clinic is the place for you. We offer a welcoming and safe environment for children so that they will feel wholly at ease whilst in our care. As providing exceptional patient care is our number one goal you can trust us to provide both you and your family with outstanding dentistry.
We believe in starting off on the right foot when it comes to oral health. Even though children naturally lose their ‘milk’ teeth, we can detect indications of future problems before the permanent teeth grow through.
We can show your child how to look after their teeth and brush them properly, as well as recommend the best toothbrush and toothpaste. We advise parents or guardians to ensure their children brush their teeth at least twice a day as well as go to the dentist regularly for check-ups.