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Upto 50% OFF on Selected Treatments*

0% Finance Available

Our private treatments are delivered to the highest professional standards to provide the best possible results.

Any deposit paid for the ‘Free Consultation’ is 100% refundable if you decide not to proceed with the treatment.

A1: Existing patient Examination

£40 instead of £80 (Save 50%)
Description(diagnosis and consultation incl. up to 2 dental x-rays if required)

A2: Child examination (under 5 years)

**Free for Registered Parents

A3: Child examination (up to 12 years)

*£30 instead of £40

A4: Emergency appointment

from £60

15% discount for whole family examination (diagnosis and consultation for a family of 4 or more members)

One of the parent or careers must be registered with the practice and be in regular attendance.

B1: Panoramic/OPG x-ray (Referral letter required for X-Rays only)


B2: CBCT/CT scan (3D) x-ray (Referral letter required for X-Rays only)


C1: Basic Scale and Polish (up to 30 minutes)


C2: Deluxe Scale and Polish with stain removal (up to 45 minutes)


C3: Teeth polish/stain removal for children


C4: Home whitening kit (home kit with custom trays)


C5: Refill for whitening kit


C6: Teeth Whitening (in clinic with Zoom Technology)


D1: Acrylic immediate dentures (up to 3teeth)

from £250

D2: Acrylic dentures (4 to 8 teeth)

from £500

D3: Acrylic dentures (9 to Full Teeth)

from £600

D4: Chrome (metal frame denture)

from £800

D5: Repair

from £150

D6: Reline

from £195

E1: Routine tooth extraction

from £150

E2: Complex/wisdom tooth extraction

from £450

E3: Baby teeth extraction

from £95

F1 (a): Composite – Small

from £90

F1 (b): Composite – Medium

from £160

F1 (d): Core Build Up

from £250

F2: Temporary filling

from £60

F3: Cosmetic bonding

from £175

F4: Fluor varnish application

from £50 per tooth

F5: ICON resin infiltration

from £100 per tooth

F6: Root canal treatment**

from £350-700

F7: Root canal re-treatment**

from £450-900

F8: Inlay, Onlay**

from £550

F9: Porcelain veneer

from £600

F10: Zirconia crown

from £550

F11: Zirconia crown on implant**

from £800

F12: E-max metal-free crown

from £550

J1:First visit to discuss the case


J2: Botulinum Toxin (Botox) 1 area

from £150

J3: Botulinum Toxin (Botox) 2 areas

from £250

J4: Botulinum Toxin (Botox) 3 areas

from £350

J5: Profhilo 2ml

from £300

G1: Initial Consultation


G2: Implant Straumann (Top Brand)

£1250 instead £1500 (£250 Off)

G3: Bone grafting


G4: Sinus floor elevation (closed)

from £300

G5: Sinus floor elevation (open)

from £1250

G6: Implant Essix for space-maintaining

***(fee deductible from final treatment)

H1: Free Initial Consultation


H2: Clear Aligners


H3: Metal Braces 1 arch/ 2 arches

from £2500/ £4500

H4: Clear Friction Self Ligating Braces 1 arch/ 2 arches

from £2500/ £4500

H5: Removal of braces

from £250

H6: Fixed retainer

from £250

H7: Removable Essix retainer


H8: Michigan splint

from £350

H9: Mouth Guard

Pricing plan

Services from the best dental clinic in London!

Haven’t our prices got you actually looking forward to your dental visit? We’re proud to offer the best packages in all of London!

Gold Package from £2,995

(£500 OFF)

(Normal Price £3,495)
Free Deluxe Hygiene treatment worth £120

Platinum Package from £3,995

(£500 OFF)

(Normal Price £4,495)
Free Deluxe Hygiene treatment worth £120

Silver Package from £1,995

(£500 OFF)

(Normal Price £2,495)
Free Deluxe Hygiene treatment worth £120

Teen Package from £1,995

(£500 OFF)

(Normal Price £2,495)
Free Deluxe Hygiene treatment worth £120

Want to know something specific?

Do you have any questions regarding your dental health? Reach out to us now and get to know the right treatment for you!

Invisible Aligners

Save UP TO £1,000 with iCare Dental

Dentist In London

£500 OFF

Gold Package

Our Invisalign Lite package includes one refinement and is suitable for mild to moderate cases.

£500 OFF

Platinum Package

Our full Invisalign package includes two refinements and is suitable for all complex cases.

Invisible ALIGNERS

Invisible ALIGNERS, Even more Transparent All-Inclusive PRICING!

The specialist can determine the complexity of your required dental correction Based on your FREE 3D Scan / Xray. During your FREE consultation Prices Packages will be discussed and explained in more details. 0% Finance Available.

Gold Package

Invisalign Lite (Includes 1 refinement)
Suitable for Mild to Moderate Cases.

10% Off now

Platinum Package

Full Invisalign (includes 2 refinements)
Suitable for Complex cases, including overcrowding, underbite, overbite, crossbite and overjet.

10% Off now

All packages include Up to £1,000 savings

  • Satisfaction Guarantee, always see the same Clinician

  • Superior Invisalign® Technology

  • Free Consultation and Suitability Check & 3D itero Scan (worth £350)

  • Experienced Invisalign Dentists

  • Treatment Plan

  • Free Incisal Contouring (worth £99 per tooth)

  • Free Teeth Whitening Gel (Worth £200)

  • Vivera Retainer (worth £600)

  • Aftercare

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