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How Can Braces Help Straighten Your Teeth? 

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Braces are common among people of all ages with misaligned teeth. Though, the trend is more seen in teenagers. They are used to straighten your misaligned teeth so that you can smile confidently. A confident smile can do wonders for you, thanks to braces. A good smile tends to attract people and everyone likes to engage with a smiling person. If you smile confidently, people forget your other imperfections. Because it’s the smile that draws all the attention. 

On the other hand, if you have misaligned teeth you will not be able to smile confidently. This will lead to a decrease in confidence, therefore, you need braces to improve your overall smile. But have you ever wondered how braces can help to straighten your teeth? Let’s learn how braces can help to straighten your teeth. 

Do I need Braces? 

If you’re content with your misaligned teeth, then you can choose to not get braces. But, without braces, you will face many difficulties. Getting braces can do much more than straightening your teeth.  

People with misaligned teeth hesitate to smile. It’s because they do not have confidence in themselves that they smile well. After getting braces, they can smile confidently without hesitation. 

Misaligned teeth can also lead to bad oral health. Your teeth are at more risk of tooth decay, and gum disease. You will also face problems while chewing and eating. But if you receive a treatment to straighten your teeth, the risk of bad oral health decreases.  

There are many such treatments available that can help to straighten your teeth. You can contact iCare Dental if you’re looking to get orthodontic services. You can even consult with the orthodontist by booking an appointment. 

Straight teeth are less susceptible to cavities, and tooth decay than misaligned teeth. Most importantly, you will be able to eat comfortably. 

How do Braces help with Teeth alignment? 

When you wear braces to straighten your teeth, braces compress and stretch the tooth ligament. The tooth ligament when compressed and stretched creates pressure that leads to the movement of teeth in a new direction.  

Besides, the bone around the teeth also starts forming because the bone-forming cells become active in such scenarios. This is how you get straight teeth after wearing braces.  

Usually, it can take up to 2-3 months to see the prominent shift in the teeth’ position. The process is free of pain but you can get soreness in the first month. After that, you will get used to it, and your teeth will adjust themselves according to the retainer. You should be wearing braces daily to expect some noticeable results.  

What is the Procedure for Getting Braces? 

The procedure of braces installation is minimally invasive. You can expect to get the process done in 2-3 hours, once the orthodontist has examined you. The procedure of braces installation includes booking an appointment with an orthodontist.  

Upon the appointment, he will examine the overall oral health. He will decide whether you should be getting braces or not.  

After this, he will analyze your teeth and take some measurements to make the right braces for you. You can decide the appointment time with your dentist to get braces. You can come and get the braces installed.  

The process can take up to 2-3 hours, depending on your overall health. This situation can be different for every person. After getting braces placed, you need to visit your dentist regularly for check-ups. He will ensure that your braces are functioning properly. A new wire will be added to the brackets. You must go for regular check-ups for 4-10 weeks to ensure the good condition of your braces. 

Where do I get the Service? 

If you’re looking to get braces, you must ensure that you get them from a reputable dental clinic. iCare Dental is a dental clinic which is located in London. We offer teeth-straightening services that include braces and Invisalign installation. We offer a wide range of braces ranging from metal braces to lingual braces. You can also consult with an orthodontist to determine which treatment is best to straighten your teeth. So, don’t hesitate anymore! Get our teeth-straightening services and smile confidently. Book an appointment with us to start the process. 

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