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What Are Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information that websites can record within your web browser to help them remember things and provide a better, more interactive, service to you. They enable websites to remember information from one page to another. As different web pages cannot remember what has happened on a previous page, cookies are essential for certain processes -shopping carts for example. Without cookies the checkout page would not know what you had chosen to buy on previous pages.

Cookies are most commonly used to help with generating statistics for websites enabling them to be tailored to what it’s user’s want and find interesting.

Cookies Used on this site

__utmc                    These cookies are used by Google Analytics, the most widely used website statistics service. We use it   

 __utmz                     to help us to monitor how many people visit our site and which pages are most popular so that 

__utma                    we can tailor our site to meet your demands and interests.

3rd Party Cookies

Occasionally we do not have control over cookies used on our site. For example when we use content from a third party suppliers (like embedding a youtube video into our blog or using social media buttons. In this case, please check with the relevant website to find out more about their cookies policy.

Managing cookies

Viewing/Enabling/disabling cookies

PC -Internet Explorer 

Found Under Tools-internet options-privacy

Accepting Cookies  Slide to option that suits your needs

View Cookies Tools-internet options-browsing history-settings-view files

PC -Chrome

Found Under Spanner Icon-Settings-under the bonnet -content settings -cookies

Accepting Cookies choose from:

•    Allow local data to be set

•    Allow local data to be set for the current session only

•    Block sites from setting any data

•    Block third-party cookies and site data 

•    Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser

View Cookies  All cookies and site data button.

PC -Firefox  

Found Under: Firefox -Options -Privacy. Where it says ‘Firefox will’ select ‘Use custom settings for history’

Accepting Cookies choose from:

•    Accept cookies from sites

•    Accept third-party cookies

View Cookies  Show Cookies button (type website address in to search bar to see cookies from that site)

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