Which Dental Treatments are Covered by Maternity Exemption in London?

Maternity Exemption in London

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Pregnancy is already a bit of a hassle, and with dental issues accompanying it, it can be a real pain. However, despite it being a lot of trouble, you should still take care of your dental well-being. We’ve got a bit of news that might cheer you up. Did you know that pregnant women in London have access to maternity exemption? A beneficial programme that offers free National Health Services (NHS) dental treatments during pregnancy and for up to 12 months after giving birth. 

You shouldn’t skip this blog post that we have written especially for you because we will discuss what dental treatment is covered by maternity exemption in London.

What Is Maternity Exemption?

Before we talk about the procedures covered by maternity exemption, are you aware of what it actually is? If not, the maternity exemption is pretty much a lifeline for women based in London who are expecting because it lets them get necessary dental care without worrying about the cost. The basic goal of this programme is to help pregnant women take care of their oral health so that they and their babies have the best dental health possible.

Covered Dental Treatments in London:

Under the maternity exemption in London, pregnant women can get a wide range of dental treatments, including:

  • Routine Check-ups: Regular dental check-ups are very important during pregnancy to monitor oral health and address any issues on time. With a maternity exemption, women who are expecting can go to the dentist for regular checkups without worrying about the cost.
  • Scaling and Polishing: Professional teeth cleaning, also known as scaling and polishing, helps remove plaque and tartar buildup and is another very important service that is also covered by the maternity exemption. The main purpose of it is to reduce the risk of gum disease and cavities for better oral hygiene.
  • Fillings and extractions: If restorative dental treatment, such as fillings or extractions, is required during pregnancy, the maternity exemption also applies to these procedures. It’s essential to address dental issues promptly to prevent complications that could affect both mother’s and baby’s health.
  • Emergency Dental Care: Dental emergencies, such as severe toothache or trauma, can occur at any time, including during pregnancy. The maternity exemption services in London make sure that pregnant women can access emergency dental care completely free of charge for timely relief and peace of mind.
  • Root Canal Treatment: Expectant mothers can rest easy knowing that maternity exemption also covers root canal treatment in cases of severe tooth decay or infection. The dentists prioritise the safety and comfort of pregnant patients throughout the treatment process, so you have nothing to worry about.
  • Periodontal (Gum) Treatment: Gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis, is common during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Maternity exemption includes periodontal treatment to address gum inflammation, infection, and other gum-related issues, promoting overall oral health for expectant mothers in London.
  • Denture Adjustments: For pregnant women in London who wear dentures, adjustments or repairs may be required to ensure proper fit and function. Maternity exemption covers these dental services as well, ensuring continued comfort and functionality of dentures during pregnancy and even after it.

The Key Considerations:

While the maternity exemption is great for pregnant women in London because it lets them get important dental care, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Communication with Your Dentist: It’s important to inform your dentist about your pregnancy and any changes in your health status. Your dentist can then tailor treatment plans and precautions to ensure your and your baby’s safety and well-being.
  • Timing of Dental Treatment: We recommend that pregnant women in London schedule routine dental check-ups and non-urgent treatments during the second trimester when the risk of complications is lower. However, if you or someone you know is facing dental pain or emergency at any stage of pregnancy, seek care promptly.
  • Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene: In addition to receiving covered dental treatments under maternity exemption, maintaining good oral hygiene practices at home is also very important. For good oral health during pregnancy, you should brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, floss every day, and eat a balanced diet.


In conclusion, London’s maternity exemption lets pregnant women get full dental care, making sure their oral health needs are met during this special time. By getting dental care that is covered by insurance, pregnant women can keep their smiles healthy for themselves and their babies, which is good for their overall health and happiness. 

Talk to your dentist or healthcare provider if you have any questions about what dental treatment is covered by maternity exemption. We at our dental clinic are also here to help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy, one smile at a time.

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