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Are you looking for a dentist in Canary Wharf? iCare Dental is here to provide the best private dentist in Canary Wharf! We are your reliable dental clinic, offering all the necessary services, including general checkups, emergency appointments, composite bonding, teeth cleaning in Canary Wharf and more. Our highly skilled and compassionate dentists are here to ensure that your oral health and smile’s aesthetic are the best they can be. 


Suppose you require a routine scaling or a deep cleaning to improve the health of your gums and teeth, or you require whitening services to brighten your smile for that special occasion or event, or you require the use of clear braces or metal braces to align your teeth and give you a perfect smile. In that case, you will find all these services here with us. We also offer reconstructive services for fixed or removable replacement of broken or missing teeth, such as crowns, bridges, fillings, and dentures. Our dental hygienists provide scaling and prophylactic check-ups and recommend how to prevent further complications. 

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We want to provide affordable dental services to all our patients and make your visit to our office as pleasant as possible. Call iCare Dental today and let us help you get the smile you have always wanted.

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